Farmer:Mr peter lemparo
variety planted:Redcoach F1
year :2016

Agriculture is quickly turning out to be the ”what i can do for life other than ”what i will do after retirement”.with this,many youths are now getting into it whereas many employed persons are leaving employment in droves to ventue into agriculture,the question of When is it the right time to leave employment is a subject for discussion later on.

the new entrants who appreciates the value of proffesionalism in each field engage the servises of agronomists in the area who seek to advise the cients on the best tme to plant inord to get maximum benefit to sustain the venture.

The dissapointment of the new farmers after the failed projection is always evident after harvesting and agroinfokenya seeks to inquire ,who is to blame? is it the agronomist or the farmer?-None of the cited parties is to blame!

The earlier any farmer realizes that the projections based on past planting history are currently rendered absolette and cannot significantly fuction in the current era ,the better prepared the farmer will be in planning his/her planting program

why:In the past ,agronomists would clearly know the extent of crop coverage in specific areas recognised to be the chimneys of a certain crop eg Mwea,oloitoktok and narok areas when talking of tomatoes. marigat,mpeketoni,loitoktok,uganda,mwea,kibwezi and taveta when talking of Melon just to name but a few.

Today:We have to talk of Nairobi area as a serious player in the horticutural industry,moreso,across the country,so many small scale urban farms have come up and these are not in the open,thus making it hard for people to,when analysing the planting trend,to include them.

this may evidently be the reason why,despite low production in the mapped areas for certain crops in the recent past,prices still plumeted to the bottom compared to some years back.

a call to action: Farmers are advised to search for,get and secure a market for their produce before plunging into extensive blind production of a hyped crop with hyped margins and hidden costs that eventually leaves the farmer with a dent in the pocket

Happy farming

NB:this is a personal opinion and any views contrary to these are welcomed




this was 2016!

2016 was indeed a rough time for most of the farmers in the country with most of them registering losses not due to production but due to VERY low prices ,any Toato farmer will be able to explain this better.

the media has been awash with the looming  food crisis and the projected prolonged drought.agronomist,farmers and kenyans are witnessing crops drying out in the farms before maturity in some parts of the country and the “‘unreported”  restriction of Maize imports from Tanzania by H.E JPM,

2017 is here with us,many questions are lingering on the farmers minds on what to plant and what not to plant,if they are going to make profit or Not.when to plant and when NOT. this year might prove the …ONE mans…is another mans….. and looking at the drought and food scarcity,the farmer may have to look at this

projected planting time has proven evasive when it comes to the profit margins and i will NOT TRY to pretend i am a market analyst guru,but i look forward to your feedback from your 2016 experience

what did you plant?

when did you harvest?

what was the price?

did you make profit?