Tuta absoluta;Getting the right ”arsenal” for the fight

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The Tuta absoluta menace across the country is crippling the already financially disabled farmers, farmers whose ability to walk the Tomato production journey has been limited by the continuous eruption of the already tall pest mountain. The family farms (small &medium scale) have and continue to withdraw from the venture, with the hope that the pest mountain will become docile with time.

Above all these challenges, the determination and zeal to succeed, which is always written across the faces of any farmer despite the hidden challenges has and continue to see farmers holding on to any hope advanced for the control of the problem. Use of different pest control products, employment of unethical tactics and resorting to traditional beliefs and management plans,has and continue to make the road to success  out of the poverty ditch for the farmer more slippery.

But, are the farmers well informed on the right approach to T. absoluta management? Is the information on the management approach available to the farmers, and if yes, what are the limiting factors to successful employment of the approach?

The fight against T.absoluta can be won for a profitable venture if and when farmers receive the technical scientific information in a very simple and practical way, if focus on its management is prioritized and information delivered in an unbiased form. This is possible.

With a crop specific farmer event where farmers can learn and share information with experts in the industry, our farmers can be equipped with the right knowledge which is the lethal arsenal in the fight against T.absoluta,what about naming these events Crop-centric?

Success stories from farmers who have recently adopted the Mode of action window approach by IRAC (insect resistance management committee) continue to give us hope for a win by the small and medium scale farmers in this fight,only if the right and unbiased information is delivered to them in the simplest way possible that does not compromise practicality of implementation.

We have gathered practical information from those we have walked with, information on successes, information on failures, information on implementation challenges and how the farmers can access these information for a better venture.

As we look forward to an informative day ,a day to empower the tomato farmer in a Farmer to farmer approach through agronomist, we believe that the farmers,once empowered ,will win the battle.

Download Best management practice document for control of T.absoluta by IRAC

Dennis Nyandaya

Elim AGROinfo