The phone beeps,and on checking,its a confirmation of ….you have been added to the X-farming group.you are now a member of 10+ farming groups some of which are a replica of the other diferentiated by the ADMIN.

You post a question ,and before it is answered,100 members also have different questions …the thread continues to grow  and you are left fidgeting your fingers as you scroll up and down ,following every question and sometimes not finding the answer as the person with the anser was off network and by the timeof running the app,he had 175 unread messages which he quickly “achived’’ and answered the most recent one.


Agroinfokenya has found this problem solved by an app designed by technosavvy farmers which ensures you get what you want,you are given updates as per your interest,you are inked to the market as per your crop and you are followed by the members who want to learn step by step after you create your own farm profile

May be you are wondering,what is farmerbot?

What is FarmerBot?


FarmerBot is a chatbot designed for farmers. What is a chatbot? A chatbot is a computer programme that works inside messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger and Telegram. Talking to FarmerBot is just as simple as talking to a friend on WhatsApp

Source: http://farm.ink/

By using this,you can;


  • Add FarmerBot to your farming group and it will organise the group messages so you never miss an important update.
  • Subscribe to the tip channels such as Onion tips or Watermelon tips and get weekly reminders tailored to you and your farm
  • Upload your farm photos and notes to FarmerBot and it will save them on your farm timeline as a record of what you’ve done
  • Stand out from the crowd by sharing your your personalised FarmerBot farm profile page with your farming network and local buyersHow to sign up

Visit: http://farm.ink/ from your mobile and avoid the hustle of getting information/learning and being connected to the market

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