FARMING THE EXCEL WAY-DIY ,ASK AND dont struggle inventing the wheel

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You are a doctor,a banker, policeman,an engineer,a nurse…..and while looking for a place to “diversify ” your wealth and increase your income sources, you have found it through different platforms that farming is the thing.

the extrapolations with respect to the costs and profits in relation to the time frame excite you. You are assured of huge untaxed profits within a period of three months by JUST PLANTING watermelons, and the profits are…wow.

you quickly (because you are an expert in analysis, go to excel and create sheets ,link them and what you see is more or less similar to what you have seen trend on social media groups regarding the ROI

you ask yourself what you have been doing all this time, why you did not realize this long time ago and you immediately start thinking of resigning from your current job to concentrate on farming, after all you have the cash, four times more that what the excel sheet tells you that you need to accrue profits that will surpass all that you can get in two years if you continue staying on that Job!


have you asked for the UNTOLD stories?

do you know that agriculture is not done on paper but in the field?


a farmer buys a tin f seeds worth 60,000.buries all this in the soil and goes home with no security at site to watch over the seeds which of coz he cannot get back even if they don’t germinate as they do not have a warranty!

yesterday, I bought a electric gadget worth 4000 ksh and i have a warranty of 1 year. Yet a seed of 60K has none.

So ,before you trust all those excel formulas, before you are excited by these figures ,before you dive into the agricultural waters, talk to the accredited divers, ask for the stories, listen to the challenges and what they found out. specifically, find the story of one who started with the excel and now he is successful. after all, you don’t need to invent the wheel.

do not be excited by the mouth watering figures propelled into the public by agro based companies eg seed companies on the quantity of harvets you will attain.DIY is the best way

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