YES,indeed farming is the way to riches,the scale of the industry with the largest pool of millionaires is projected to tip towards those in the sector.but what are some of the  unethical behaviors recently noted in pursuant of these riches?

1: Upon realizing that the market is ripe and the prices very good,with the fear of the price dynamics that is key in pushing the small and medium scale farmer to the poverty hole(notably with no mercy from the brokers and buyers) who hope for the later (of coz to reap more),some bean farmers in an area that boarders rift valley and Coast(kajiado/taita taveta county) devised a way to reap before the prices went down

—-GLYPHOATE is a herbicide to rid off the farm the weeds and NOT to hasten the drying of the crop!!!!

Your guess right. The farmers sprayed the herbicide to mature but not yet dry beans to fasten the process,the end results were bad losses registered by the buyers who stored the beans hoping to dry it the the best moisture level.

2:Thank God some chemicals have been banned by the PCPB;

ever heard of “Kuosha Nyanya”? this is a term used to make the tomato appealing to the eye of the buyer,having noted that the buyers love shiny and fresh looking fruits ;although the product (dimethoate) is out of the shelves,some farmers still access it across the boarders and use it on the same. the product with a PHI of 14 days is sprayed on the night before the fruits are harvested,on harvesting,the fruits are good looking and “sticky”

3;Ever wondered why that 12T lorry when leaving your farm is purported to have loaded only 7T of water melons? worry no more and just get the info by a)visit a credible institution and get to know your weight just before you harvest the melons b)when the brokers have hanged their balance,hang on it and record your weight.(you will have a 20-30% reduction -within 1-2 days!! and i bet  you wont wait for anyone to force you to invest in a weighing machine.

These have been tampered with to record different weights as soon as they hit 10kgs or more-most of the buyers will use a packet of Unga to verify the “good settings ” of their machines(don’t be DUPED)

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