Our attention is directed to a recent post on social media (Twitter) (facebook)by  some concerned graduate in agriculture in kenya regarding unemployment.

The comments made by most people were eye catching and i beg to refer to some of them.

Noah M. M. Nasiali I think the problem is too much research and yet the practical part is not being managed.

What if you all formed an organisation to work with farmers to offer agronomic support.

Have an Uber-style working.
Get farmers to pay for services rendered either monthly or per season.

Epuri Lebasha Mr . Noah M. M. Nasiali I absolutely agree with you. I don’t know of the “don’t want to be employed in farms thing” coz over here, there is ideally more emphasis jn practical learning. 60% of EARTH U students go back to the farm etc. And an agronomist should be a farm lover anyway. Kenya Association of Agronomists still have miles to go. They ought to be maskio and macho of wakulima as well and farmers would never feel a negatively targeted group.

Agroinfokenya feels that the current system doesnt give the agricultural students an opportunity to realize exactly what it means to be “studying Agriculture or any related course,it ,to some extent demean the profession.

Why should the agricultural students get internship in goverment institutions where they are tasked with arranging files?

By giving the proffesion the attention it requires,then in no way will the graduates be seeeking for employment but will be seeking for employees.


Having some of the curent team of agronomists being victims of the system inadequacy in attention focus to the nobble profesion,the suggestion to have the agriculture students seek to get internship/attachment to both medium, small as well as large scale farms later on will inject into them the desire to be the change agents in the sector.Unfortunately,most of us want to get internship only in firms where we will be paid but not where we are given the opportunity to have a hands on experience in the farm.

After clearing college,how many of you will want to be employed as farm managers,how many will want to directly go to the farm and start production? how many will want to go to the office in a tie? if you are thinking of the later,then you better think twice.as Bet  ALREADY SAID IT

To the Institutions

Why cant we throw away the box and think without it being near us,the normal “project ” by the students which sometimes are not aligned to the current development in the sector can be restructured to have the funds dedicated to the students who can direct these into leasing a farm,planting the crop of their choice as well as managing this up to the market level .this will definately give the students a hands on experience in the sector where they may enjoy the money as well as hear the experience of their collegues who lost it during their presentations.




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